“I’m a real New Yorker,” he has asserted. “My family has been here for four generations. I’ve painted and learned from some real masters. Everything I do now comes from my experience, travels and battles of being from the greatest city in the world.”

Born and raised in the Bronx, Manhattan, Layer Cake is a multi-faceted artist. Entering the street art world at a young age, he cites fellow Maddox artists Banksy and Mr Brainwash as key influences for his work, as well as fellow New York graffiti artists Tracy 168 and Futura.

Layer Cake, otherwise known as Sean Sullivan is a multi-faceted artist involved in music production, clothing, and his signature style stencil art.

Many of his mixed media paintings contain iconic "pop culture" characters pulled from TV or period magazines such as Speed Racer, Pink Panther and Popeye, including fashion icons such as Kate Moss and Marilyn Monroe. His composition are deep with texture, built up with layers of vintage comic book pages, creating a substrate of eye catching collages that are then completed with his trade mark stencil compositions. 

“I didn’t look up to athletes or movie stars growing up,” he states. “I didn’t fantasise about being an astronaut or a doctor … I fantasised scaling gates to paint the tunnels. I wanted to live under the train tracks that showed me every morning the beautiful layups and master pieces painted on the sides of the 4 train.”

Layer Cake
Layer Cake
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