The artist RETNA features in LA’s 2024 Olympic Campaign

06 September 2016|artists |James Nicholls

The artist RETNA features in LA’s 2024 Olympic Campaign

We are delighted to represent the extraordinarily talented RETNA. He is an international art sensation, having created works for Nike, Louis Vuitton, Helmut Lang and the recent album cover for Justin Beiber. Now, he has been officially recognised as an LA icon as the city pitches to host the Olympic Games in 2024.

RETNA represents LA for the Olympics

The official LA promo video for the 2024 Olympics features outstanding innovators that make LA a truly unique and inspiring location. Over the years, RETNA’s hieroglyphic-like calligraphy has become not only a signature style of the artist, but a signature style of the city itself.

It’s hard for any LA residents to avoid RETNA’s work around the streets of Hollywood, as his street art adorns various buildings around the city. His unique script is influenced by Arabic calligraphy, gothic blackletter, Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Hebrew alphabet and Native American typographies. He cites the result as representing a unity between different heritages, which authentically reflects LA’s nature as a cultural melting pot.

Here at Maddox Gallery, Mayfair, we’re delighted to have several new RETNA works to feature in our summer exhibition. None of them are expected to be around for long – RETNA pieces are consistently snapped up almost as soon as they land on our walls. With RETNA’s varied compositions incorporating intricate line work, complex layering and a powerful range of colour, his pieces are to be truly appreciated up close.

Olympic ambitions

With the Olympics now over for another year, competition is building between nations eager to host the 2024 Games. According to CBS News, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has been in Rio explaining to Olympic officials why his city should be considered.

Los Angeles is up against Paris, Rome and Budapest to host the Games, and the IOC will make the announcement in Lima, Peru in September 2017. If LA succeeds in its bid, it will become only the second city in history to host the Olympics three times, following London.

Garcetti argues that this would be a win for his city and the entire country. “This is a movement that needs America, but I think America needs the Olympics, too,” he explained.

He also explained that nearly every required Olympic venue already exists. “We won’t build things for the Olympics and hope they benefit the people of LA. We are building things for the people of LA already and we hope that they will benefit the Olympics in turn.”

See contemporary artist RETNA in London

We look forward to seeing you as you view these outstanding works by Retna, with pieces by other international cutting edge artists.

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Written by James Nicholls, Chairman, Maddox Gallery.

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