Five celebrity collaborations from David Yarrow

06 May 2019|artists |James Nicholls

Five celebrity collaborations from David Yarrow

World-renowned wildlife photographer David Yarrow has many celebrity admirers. As well as featuring individuals in his shoots, the world-renowned photographer has also shared his skills behind the lens.

Here, we’ve listed a few of the famous names that hold David Yarrow in high esteem.

Cara Delevigne

David Yarrow shot Cara Delevigne at a wildlife sanctuary in South Africa, where the supermodel co-starred with a lion in TAG Heuer’s #DontCrackUnderPressure ad campaign.

“I put my complete trust in David and had no idea how close the lion was until I saw the videos later,” Delevingne explained in The Telegraph. “Strangely, though, I didn’t feel scared at the time. It was calming, almost meditative… I was at one with nature and in complete awe of this amazing creature.”

Tag Heuer, Delevingne and Yarrow later hosted a charity auction at Maddox Gallery Westbourne Grove. The first image in the edition of the Cara series sold twice at £120,000, raising funds for the Cara Delevingne Foundation and setting a new record price for Yarrow’s photographs.

Brooklyn Beckham

Brooklyn Beckham also travelled to South Africa recently, joining David Yarrow and ‘lion whisperer’ Kevin Richardson. He captured his lion photographs, having climbed into a cage in four-feet-deep water.

“My camera is my travel companion. It’s always with me, and together, we experience and capture moments,” Brooklyn said in a recent interview. “I’ve just recently started getting into wildlife photography and learnt so much when I was with David Yarrow.”

Yarrow is renowned for his unique methods of attracting animals to his shoots, previously claiming that lions are drawn to Old Spice deodorant as it is used by local Maasai people.

Cindy Crawford

Cara Delevingne isn’t the only supermodel to collaborate with David Yarrow and wild animals. The photographer also worked with Cindy Crawford in the ghost town of Nevada City, Montana, with a wolf featuring as her companion as part of Yarrow’s ambitious storyline.

Proceeds from the sales of this image – Cindy’s Shotgun Wedding – are to be donated to her chosen charity, raising money for children with cancer.

Kim Feenstra

Dutch model Kim Feenstra also developed her black and white photography skills with David Yarrow. She travelled to Amboseli, Kenya, which is home to the world’s highest population of elephants per square kilometre.

“In Kenya I went to visit David Yarrow. He is a good friend, a great source of inspiration and a really fantastic photographer,” she explained. “He crosses all boundaries, I see him as the master in black and white photography. During my journey he took me in tow to discover all the possibilities of black and white photography.”

“Kenya has left a huge impression. The unspoiled and raw nature, the people, the animals. I am certainly not scared but once you are on the ground to photograph an elephant you really feel incredibly small and vulnerable.”

Tom Brady

David Yarrow’s stunning artwork ‘Africa’ recently became the highest paid-for print of a living photographer at Sotheby’s New York. The iconic photograph of an elephant is now in homes around the world – including that of New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady.

Yarrow also personally delivered ‘Thor’, another lion artwork, to Brady earlier this year. Last but certainly not least, Brady wrote the foreword in David Yarrow’s newest book.

“Africa is the most visually perfect wildlife shot that I have taken and I doubt I will better it,” Yarrow recently claimed.

Where to buy David Yarrow art

Maddox Gallery is proud to enjoy a close working relationship with David Yarrow, having hosted numerous exhibitions and events and at our galleries, and displayed his works around the world at various art fairs.

If you are looking to invest in David Yarrow artworks, please visit us or get in touch to find out more. Our expert Sotheby’s-trained art consultants would be happy to share Yarrow’s stunning pieces and tell you more about their stories. 

Written by James Nicholls, Chairman, Maddox Gallery.

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