'Faith' by Haris Nukem

6 - 30 September 2019
Maddox Street

Drawing on Nukem’s captivation with spiritual iconography, Faith imaginatively blurs the past and present to create a new visual and mythic narrative.

Mixing the romantic sumptuousness of classical imagery with a socially conscious, urban aesthetic, Nukem’s muses (up-and-coming musicians, models, artists, creatives and friends) are portrayed as a range of icons – biblical, historical, royal, mythological – all within a contemporary setting.

Maddox Gallery is delighted to announce Faith, an exhibition of works by London-based photographer Haris Nukem.

Rich in symbolism and theatricality, Nukem’s photographs convey a crucial comment on modern culture. Touching upon pressing concerns such as hedonism, online trolls, tribalism, social media, fame, and the fragility of public services, the series explores the concept of moral and spiritual conviction and what the meaning of ‘faith’ signifies in the interconnected world we live in today.

Reframing our idea of “righteousness,” this immersive exhibition creatively juxtaposes themes of romanticism and materialism, softness and strength, glamour and retribution, heroes and gods. Nukem says: “In our increasingly secular world, “faith” is an exploration of the pockets in which to place our beliefs.”Having carved out his career on his own terms independently, Nukem’s recent signing to Maddox Gallery marks a significant moment in the photographer’s career trajectory. Set to become a household name, the thirty-year old is one of the most imaginative and evocative photographers to emerge in recent years.

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