'Graven Images' by Gavin Evans

6 December 2019 - 6 January 2020
Shepherd Market

Running from 6th December 2019, Maddox Gallery's Shepherd Market space will have the pleasure of housing Gavin Evans' latest exhibition, 'Graven Images Icons & Aspic' at our Shepherd Market gallery in Mayfair.

Creation doesn’t end with the click of the shutter; the squeeze of the trigger is the catalyst. The aim is for subject and artist, character and author to resonate. I carry my graven images with me. Some stare back and cry out for resurrection. I attempt to atone; liberate each one and reach an accord. Revision ends when the lost chord sounds, then can I lay aside the healing brush. Twelve historically popular individuals undergo transfiguration. Light is sliced and diced, boundaries are pushed and lines are crossed. Pixel wide tracks are extruded- transforming features and landscape. Perspective and parallax are at play; no two viewpoints are the same. The lenticular is a constantly shifting narrative as light refracts, dissipates and dissolves. Legends and cultural icons are shattered and exploded. Celebrity is encapsulated in optical aspic to be consumed by the arbiters of taste.

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