Four reasons to listen to podcasts from a contemporary art gallery

17 January 2019|investment |James Nicholls

Four reasons to listen to podcasts from a contemporary art gallery

Here at Maddox Gallery, we always encourage visitors to explore the contemporary art world in whichever ways they can, exploring genres, artists and works which most resonate.

How individuals go about this exploration can differ, but according to a recent article by Artsy, the fine art world is experiencing something of a podcast boom. Below, we share four good reasons why we’re championing this trend.

1. Accessibility

Podcasts can offer rare access to major players in the contemporary art market who may be unlikely to cross your path in your local gallery or museum.

For instance, in one of our podcasts, we interview celebrated artist Dan Baldwin, who has enjoyed two successful solo exhibitions at Maddox Gallery. Fellow artists Jake Chapman, Damien Hirst and Peter Blake number among his celebrity collectors, and credit Baldwin as a key influencer of the Young British Artist movement.

While Baldwin has made the occasional appearance at our central London galleries to host screen printing workshops and opportunities to meet the artist, our podcast provides anyone the opportunity to hear directly from the artist and learn more about his work.

2. Approachability

The contemporary art market can sometimes struggle with its reputation. It may be difficult to believe, but research has found that 20% of people are more intimidated by the thought of buying art than the prospect of buying a house!

Here at Maddox Gallery, we’re firmly opposed to complicated “artspeak” and endeavour to educate clients on the artists they love in language they understand.

Thanks to their conversational tone, and a listener’s ability to download and listen at home, podcasts also can prove to be a less intimidating way for new collectors to dip their toe in the contemporary art space.

Podcasts allow for relaxed, candid and unscripted chats between passionate experts in the market, which is often a world away from what a would-be collector expects. Listening to a download can be the perfect way to explore new interests from the comfort of home.

3. Intimacy

Nowadays, anyone can access almost limitless information online. As a result, increasing numbers of artists are turning to storytelling to set themselves apart from the crowd and better connect with their audience.

“This is another way that the artist’s vision can be communicated very intimately right into your ear, to you alone…  as if the people are speaking directly to you,” Mary Sabbatino, vice president and partner of Galerie Lelong & Co, recently explained to Artsy.

Podcasts have an inherently listener-centric nature, and represent a fantastic alternative to established forms of storytelling in print publications, catalogues or press promotion.

4. Appeal

Podcasts may appeal more to a younger audience of new art collectors, who favour digital content that can be consumed on the move. In a “print is dead” era, the contemporary art market must move with the times and communicate in ways which best suit its audience.

On the practical level too, unlimited numbers of listeners can access a podcast from all around the world, creating a space which allows complete access to the art market.

Hear more from Maddox Gallery

Art publications such as Artsy, major institutions such as the Tate and even auction houses like Sotheby’s have their own podcasts, and here at Maddox Gallery we’re delighted to join them. Listen to our first podcast episodes on iTunes and let us know what you think. 

Topics include the long and complex relationship between art, sex and scandal. We also share a run down of our top artists to keep on your radar. Don’t miss out!

Written by James Nicholls, Chairman, Maddox Gallery.

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