Investment Art in the Home Can Be More than a Canvas

09 August 2018|investment |James Nicholls

Investment Art in the Home Can Be More than a Canvas

We have always extolled the benefits of investment art in the home, and happily the art and interiors industries seem to be growing closer. In fact, various brands are working closely with artists and galleries on collaborations, embracing the audience’s desire to find art they love.

Art is fast becoming recognised as an essential component of a modern home, but it doesn’t always need be displayed in a frame or on a canvas. From architecture to furniture and interior design, there are so many ways in which individuals can transform a space. Consumers have the power to become curators of their home, whatever their budget.

Here are a few examples of artists expanding investment art beyond the wall…

Rugs by RETNA

Marc Phillips Decorative Rugs recently announced a collaboration with world-renowned contemporary artist RETNA. Resurrect, an elegant hieroglyphic pastiche, takes RETNA’s signature script and applies it to a brand new medium.

“I begged him for a year to collaborate,” recalls Bobby Partial, founding partner of Marc Phillips. Eventually the collaboration came to fruition, and the collection includes 16 limited-edition wool and silk designs, all hand-knotted in Nepal.

RETNA even painted a mural on the company’s two-storey Los Angeles showroom, just as he previously adorned Restoration Hardware and Louis Vuitton stores.

Dan Baldwin’s vases

Dan Baldwin started to paint pots to push the boundaries of his mixed media practices in 2005. He began working alongside Sicilian potter Roberto Gagliano in 2011, creating ornate urns and incorporating moulded clay objects such as swallows, guns, hand grenades, hearts and bullets into the ceramic design.

Baldwin is known for his inventive use of various mediums and layered imagery to create dreamlike artworks. These ceramic works take his signature style and apply it in a new and innovative way.Three ceramic vases were created as part of Baldwin’s hugely successful solo exhibition ‘Under the Influence,’ and can be seen at Maddox Gallery’s London galleries.

Bradley Theodore’s sculptures

Having started his artistic journey producing street art and later moving to canvases, Bradley Theodore has since branched out into numerous other mediums.

As part of his solo exhibition at Maddox Gallery, ‘The Second Coming,’ Theodore created unique resin sculptures painted with acrylic. The two-sided busts of Karl Lagerfeld and Anna Wintour were a standout feature of the collection, and continued his ongoing theme of the fashion world colliding with the contemporary art world.

The benefits of investment art in the home

Stylish art is more than a standalone statement. According to Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder of Melbourne homewares brand Hunting for George, a well chosen and correctly placed piece of art in the home can tie a room together and totally transform a space.

“Hanging a bold or unique artwork in spaces injects life and atmosphere into the room and serves as a conversation-starter.”

Luckily, a unique and aesthetically appealing piece of art doesn’t need to break the bank.

“Affordable art is on the rise and there are plenty of ways to dress up your walls without breaking the bank.”

Glade-Wright suggests investing in emerging artists to acquire works at an affordable cost, rather than facing the hefty price tags attached to established artists. After all, an artwork’s true value is subjective. Here at Maddox Gallery, we always advise visitors to invest in art which they enjoy.

“The most important thing is you love it. Don’t be too concerned with trends, follow your gut and choose an artwork that makes you happy.”

If you would like more expert advice surrounding art in the home or as an investment asset, please pay us a visit at Maddox Gallery. Our Sotheby’s-trained art consultants are on hand at each of our locations to support you in finding the ideal investment art for your home.

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If you want to learn more about investing in contemporary art, take a look at ‘The Six Key Factors to Consider When Making an Art Investment.’ To find out more about any of our represented artists, please contact Maddox Gallery. Our Sotheby’s-trained art consultants will be happy to provide expert advice.

Written by James Nicholls, Chairman, Maddox Gallery.

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