Why interior designers are investing in art

14 November 2018|investment |James Nicholls

Why interior designers are investing in art

If you’re wondering how to start investing in art, know that you are not alone. Every day, visitors to our central London galleries ask our advice on beginning their collection, many hoping to find the perfect pieces for their home.

As the Independent recently claimed, “art is fast becoming recognised as an essential component of a modern home.” Art and interiors are inextricably linked in complex aesthetic and emotional ways for homeowners, and increasingly consumers have become curators.

In our experience though, many people feel intimidated by the contemporary art space, and may shy away from involving themselves in the market. Luckily, there are many brands out there willing to counter this issue and introduce individuals to new and exciting art in innovative ways.

There’s a long history of interior designers investing in art as a key element of their projects. Here at Maddox Gallery, we are very proud to work with a number of incredible interior designers and furnishings companies.

Maurizio in Mayfair

The simple and discreet luxury of Italian design is becoming popular among discerning homeowners in Britain as well as international buyers.

London-based interior designer Maurizio Pellizzoni grew up near Lake Como in northern Italy. He recently took part in an exclusive collaboration with luxury Italian furnishings brand Minotti London and Maddox Gallery, to showcase the very best of ‘Made in Italy’ in Mayfair, one of the most exclusive areas of London.

Pellizzoni was given total freedom to design a breathtaking Mayfair penthouse for lovers of Italian living with a British edge. Furnishings were provided by Minotti London, while the final touches were added with artwork from Maddox Gallery.

A selection of key pieces by contemporary artists finished this luxurious space perfectly. Works by contemporary duo the Connor Brothers, celebrated street artists Bradley Theodore and Retna, and fine art photographer Tyler Shields all added a different element of colour and interest to the neutral-led apartment.

Pellizzoni recently explained to The Sunday Times: “The luxury is in the little accents… It is all about the quality of the materials. It is about timeless luxury.”

Located in in the heart of the city with sweeping views of the London skyline, the penthouse is perfectly positioned for professionals, and needed to look the part. The result was a far cry from the typical staged show home. Pellizzoni gave the property a unique edge, differentiating it from anything else on the market.

Budding property buyers can now purchase perfectly decorated homes and start investing in art in a fast and efficient manner, with works already expertly matched to their surroundings.

We’ve been working on a number of exciting projects with Darsah Interior Design and Bellis Homes, as well a popup event at Smallbones of Devizes during London Design Festival.

Contemporary art in the home

Contemporary art can establish a focal point in interior design, help to define a colour palette, or act as inspiration for design throughout an entire home. Contemporary works are also reflective of the time we live in, commenting on who we are individually and as a society. The right piece can engage the eye and open the mind.

By introducing contemporary art through the setting of interior design, we hope that a greater number of people with interest in the aesthetics of their home will come to understand artworks as a valuable element of this finished article.

New York-based interior designer Maria Brito stresses the importance of collectors acquiring an art education. She suggests:

“The best place to start buying art, to obtain a good foundation and education, and develop an understanding for why you fall in love with specific artworks, are definitely the local galleries, in particular those that have a program for artists and represent them exclusively in their city.”

Maddox Gallery is very proud of its roster of talented contemporary artists, whom we work closely with to foster a strong working relationship. Several of our artists have granted us exclusivity within the UK or Europe, and we put plenty of time and effort into understanding, supporting and championing the talents shown in our galleries.

Written by James Nicholls, Chairman, Maddox Gallery.

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