Artists who joined the Maddox Family in 2020, This year we saw several new additions to our diverse roster of...
December 17, 2020

Artists who joined the Maddox Family in 2020

This year we saw several new additions to our diverse roster of talent. We reflect on what they have achieved this year and outline their exciting plans for 2021.

Although 2020 has been challenging for many working in the artsMaddox Gallery has had the privilege to work with some incredible new artists this year. From emerging artists to established talents, we break down everything you need to know about the five artists that joined the Maddox family in 2020. 


Miaz Brothers

This year Maddox Gallery has had the pleasure of welcoming the Miaz Brothers into the Maddox family. The two brothers, Roberto and Renato, were born in Milan in 1965 and 1968 respectively. Their works explore ideas of perception, rendering blurred depictions of everyday objects and portraits. According to the brothers, their work ‘provide[s] a visual experience, that activates our awareness, that compels the viewer to recognise and re-establish the limits of his or her own perception.’ Having taken residence in our Shepherd Market Gallery this year, 2021 promises big things for the Italian duo, with Maddox Gallery hosting an exclusive exhibition of their work early next year. 




Just five years after graduating from Hampstead Fine Art, Graceland is dominating the London art scene. Her bright and bold musings on consumption captivate everyone in their path. This October, Graceland joined Maddox Gallery’s collection of talented artists by launching her very own Halloween VR exhibition. She designed her own virtual space, a haunted motel, which was the perfect home for her spooky renderings of neon skulls and alluring femme fatales.  
Joseph Klibansky 
This October, we teamed up with Dutch painter and sculptor, Joseph Klibansky, in collaboration with Annabel’s - Mayfair’s most exclusive private members club. For one week only, Annabel’s was adorned with Klibansky’s monumental sculptures, turning the plush interior into a lavish menagerie of bronze animals.  The curated collection was an immediate hit with club members, and with Klibansky returning to London next year, 2021 is set to be an extremely successful year for the Dutch artist. 

Justin Bower

In 2020, we saw Maddox Gallery extend its global reach with the introduction of Justin Bower to our Los Angeles gallery. His futuristic paintings explore the intersection between humanity and technology, exploring how we define ourselves in post-human society. In 2021, his innovative portraits will have their own exhibition in our Los Angeles galleryin West Hollywood’s fashionable design district.  




This year Maddox Gallery was thrilled to announce worldwide representation of New York based contemporary artist, Jerkface. Signing exclusively with Maddox Gallery, Jerkface is famed for his playful re-imaginations of iconic cartoon characters. Maddox Gallery CEO, John Russo, describes the artist as ‘both incredibly talented and amazingly popular,’ noting that the gallery feels extremely proud to be representing the gifted muralist. With an exciting exhibition due to take place in the Maddox Gallery’s flagship location on Maddox St. next May, Jerkface’s sell-out print release on the 28th November proves that his popularity is only on the up.  




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