MyWhere (Italy) interview with James Nicholls

26 March 2019|news |James Nicholls

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Dear Mr. Nicholls thanks for your time and your collaboration. 

Here are few questions for an interview about Maddox gallery, your selection criteria and the incoming exposition of Simafra, an artist that has been widely sponsored by Maddox gallery.

Q:  We’d like to know something more about Maddox gallery and you:  when did you start your professional path in art and particularly with when did you start working for Maddox gallery?
Our flagship gallery, from where we take our name, is located on Maddox Street in the heart of Mayfair, London. We opened the gallery in December 2015.  We also have three more London-based galleries, with one situated in Notting Hill and two in Shepherd Market.
In December 2017, we opened our first international gallery in the prestigious alpine ski resort of Gstaad, Switzerland.
Maddox Gallery Los Angeles is our newest gallery location and first in the United States, having opened its doors in October 2018.

Q: Are you the chief for Maddox gallery for all UK or for Switzerland and US too?
Yes I am the Chairman of Maddox Gallery Group (It’s just been announced)

Q: What is the strategy of the gallery? Is it mainly focused on contemporary art or the 4 galleries in London have different aims/interests?
We are an international group of galleries dedicated to Modern and Contemporary Art. Our ethos is to break down the barriers within the art world and share our love of art with people everywhere as well as offer a platform to emerging artists to help build their careers. 
This week Maddox Gallery has been named as ‘London’s Trendiest Destination for Art’ by Life Magazines and we’re featured on the cover of its Mayfair Life Magazine.  We are now acknowledged as a quality international brand with a reputation of excellent service. Maddox Gallery is dedicated to supporting and showcasing the work of blue chip, established and emerging artists from across the globe.

Q: How can you figure out if an artist (both national or international), particularly an emerging artist, is eligible to be displayed on Maddox gallery?
We have requests from artists daily and have a selection committee to process them according to our strategic criteria. The artists who are part of the Maddox Gallery group are acclaimed in their fields. They work in a range of mediums, from photography, sculptures to painting. Our artists are carefully selected not only for the excellent quality of their work, but also for their tireless dedication to their art.
As well we deal in art by blue chip artists who include; Andy Warhol, Basquiat,  Banksy, Koons, Murakami and Kaws, we exhibit art from outstanding emerging and established artists such as; Bradley Theodore, RETNA, David Yarrow, Dan Baldwin, Harland Miller, The Connor Brothers and of course Simafra

Q: Which are the Italian artist that have been more often chosen to be on display at Maddox galleries?
Simafra is the key one as he is such an extraordinary talent. His last exhibition at our flagship gallery, EDEN, in 2017 was not only a sell-out but was awarded the prestigious Mayfair Magazine Award for ‘Best Exhibition,’ presented at the Royal Academy of Arts.  

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Q:How did the collaboration with Simafra start? And considering the support that Maddox gallery offered to Simafra in these recent years, what can we expect from this association?
A good friend of mine met Simafra on a visit to his studio in Florence and collected his works for several years. I saw some in his home and was stunned by the depth of richness of his use of colours and the diversity of his work. At our first gallery opening exhibition in December 2016 he was one of the artists we featured. 
It is a great pleasure to show Simafra art here at Maddox Gallery, and bring his rich and mesmerising works to the UK. From the moment we began working with Simafra, his works have been embraced by our visitors, and it’s no wonder he has an enormous and dedicated international and celebrity following.

Q: This incoming exposition is not a Simafra solo show, which are the other artist included in the opening day and what is the fil rouge that bounds them together?
This is an artistic fusion of energy between the paintings created by Simafra and the other work by artists in the exhibition including; Banksy, Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, Robert Indiana, David Yarrow, Mike Dargas and The Connor Brothers, for they all reinforce the theme of ‘The love of Life.’

Q: Can you give us some anticipation on Maddox future projects?
We have some outstanding exhibitions lined up in the galleries over the next 12 months and aim to also establish new gallerie as well as have a presence in numerous international art fairs. We have a passion for art and for what we do and are driven to share this the world over. article