Art Investment

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Welcome to Maddox Fine Art

We are a specialist art investment consultancy and the sister company of Maddox Gallery, a group of contemporary art galleries headquartered on Maddox Street in Mayfair, London.

We provide clear, unpretentious art investment advice to our clients in order to help them navigate the sometimes dizzying landscape of the contemporary art market.

As such, we have a core team of investment art specialists dedicated to providing art investors and collectors with the tools needed to invest wisely in contemporary art. We specialise in identifying emerging artists whose work has the undoubted potential to drastically increase in value.

We source work from the next generation of emerging artists attracting both first-time art buyers seeking to invest, and established collectors keen to add new blood to their art portfolios.

Maddox Gallery in Mayfair, which serves as our headquarters, is our sister company and committed to exhibiting the work of the most exciting artists in the contemporary sphere.

Our team is headed up by our Managing Director and Curator James Nicholls.

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James Nicholls at the launch of Dan Baldwin’s 2017 solo show ‘Under the Influence’

James is an internationally recognised investment art specialist with many years of experience. He is the resident art critic for the London Live TV channel; the resident investment art expert for British Airways – featuring in BA’s long-haul in-flight programming for the last four years; and a contributing art expert on a myriad of publications.

James is also a Patron of both the National Portrait Gallery and the Royal Academy of Arts.

His expertise covers a wide diversity of works from Caravaggio to Banksy, and cutting-edge emerging artists, such as Bradley Theodore.