'Vivus' by Lefty Out There

15 November 2019
Shepherd Market

Maddox Gallery Shepherd Market presents ‘Vivus’, the first UK solo show by street artist, Lefty Out There. The highly anticipated debut show opens on 15th November at Maddox Gallery Shepherd Market and will run until 5th December.

The shape-shifting marks can be anything the viewer wants or needs them to be at that moment. This is the beauty of their ambiguity and the artist aims to thought-provoke the viewer challenging them to questions what makes them feel alive.

In his most recent collection, VIVUS, Lefty Out There explores his ongoing thematic obsession with simply being alive. Playing with beauty in simplicity, Lefty’s mark-making symbolises the artist’s thought process and challenges the viewer to embark on their own reflective journey.

Drawing inspiration from other great pattern makers of our time and the past, Lefty has maintained his consistent foundational pattern throughout the evolution of his works, while the viewer is able to recognise subtle nuances of change. To the artist, the marks signify life and movement. They travel with him everywhere. They breathe and they develop — just as one does on their own journey.

The Latin titles represent literal and metaphorical renderings of flows and shifts. Without any physical distinction, other than the nuances of being hand painted, no one, not even the artist in some cases, knows what the lines will be. Lefty leaves his audience with total authority to interpret his pieces as they so wish.

As one of the newest artists represented by Maddox Gallery, his work has already been exhibited in LA, New York, Miami, Mexico City, and of course at home in Chicago, where he is a strong proponent of both street art and the art scene in general.

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