16 - 30 September 2016

Disseverance Opening Chris Moon and Robi Walters

Maddox Gallery, Mayfair, is pleased to announce Disseverance , the bold and exciting new body of work from Robi Walters and Chris Moon. The two British artists, with very different techniques and distinct styles, present their interpretations on the subject of seasonal change in this vibrant collision of paint and collage.

Robi Walters’s artwork takes the form of stunning collages, mixed media pieces bursting with colour, arranged in lotus-like forms. Walters works with discarded, recycled materials, scissor-cut by hand into the thousand-petal lotus shape. Based on one of the root forms of sacred geometry, when two circles overlap to create a petal shape, each leaf is precisely hand-cut in streaks of radiant primary colours. The transformation of the unwanted and rejected, reborn into something beautiful.

Chris Moon is an exceptional and truly gifted painter. His work displays an innate understanding of colour, shape and form and he has an uncanny ability to recreate past memories in seemingly effortless and dreamy detail. Moon’s hauntingly beautiful abstract paintings distort and rework his recollections; they enchant and challenge the viewer to interpret his visions. Interview Magazine says of Moon, “For the artist, the excitement lies within the space between perfection and destruction, a place where his vision has become clear, yet is simultaneously in flux. It’s the reinvention of an established narrative through his own lens .”

Disseverance draws on the notion of the changing seasons and both artists are heavily influenced by nature. Playing with the palette of rich, vivid shades and tones that surround us, Robi’s vibrant collages embrace the full spectrum of colour, giving a sense of fluidity and motion, as the seasons change. Chris Moon’s paintings document a year in the life of an ever-changing Epping Forest, capturing the seasonal changes and cycle of life, his studies given new meaning as Robi’s petal motifs emerge from the landscape, markings on the trees signifying lives, stories, narratives from past and present, with the final colours stolen from

Robi’s vibrant collage. The narrative of changing landscape and the movement of time is conveyed with strong, unapologetic colour with Robi’s petals hinting to past ghosts and memories hiding within the works.

The joint exhibition will be presented throughout Maddox Gallery, with the artists completely transforming two floors of the elegant Victorian townhouse using dramatic light and shadow to enhance their work. Private London studio tours with artists Robi Walters and Chris Moon can be organized by appointment this summer, ahead of the Disseverance exhibition. Visitors will be invited into Robi Walters’s beautiful Central London rooftop studio space, where they will be given a personal introduction to the artist’s work and the Disseverance exhibition.

Robi Walters  is leading the new wave of British creative talent. He was selected by The Daily Telegraph and Lexus as one of the most exciting creative talents working in Britain today and, by public vote, won the Arts and Culture category after being shortlisted in the Creating the Amazing initiative . Robi is represented in London and New York with work selling widely in the US and Europe to captains of industry and BAFTA winning talent.

robi and chris - Disseverance

Often drawing inspiration from music, Walters previously produced a series of highly collectable collages from smashed vinyl. His fans include Sir Paul McCartney, U2  and Mary J Blige. Thandie Newton, Michael Bubble and Bryan Adams collect his work. Prompted by friend and mentor Chris Ofili to paint every day, Robi embarked upon his 365 Project  on January 1 , 2011 . It was a difficult time in his life and he turned to daily art practice as a form of refuge and therapy, painting abstractly on discarded objects (such as cardboard and wood) and allowing his mood or mental state to dictate form and colour. He began titling each piece a news headline taken from the day it was created. In 2015 , he published a book of the works from 2011  and painted on the unique cover artwork on each book making them individual pieces of art. Robi has been a feature artist at the Maddox Gallery in Mayfair, London since it opened in December 2015 . Find him on Instagram @robiwalters

Chris Moon is a painter of prodigious talent. Bypassing his peers in art schools, Chris’ only education in art and rendering was taken from the experiences that shaped him and the images he absorbed. His natural ability would be enough on its own, but Chris is a painter who is wholly and utterly consumed by and for his work. A single painting often receives due attention, and completion, countless times. He brings these works to places where other artists would have stopped and passed onto their dealer, only to then take it apart, scrape it back, leave in just one mark and start all over again. What finally emerges, and it is an emergent process, has a multi-layered depth like staring into an ocean – you can see only one surface, but you know that countless other stories lurk beneath. Chris has had recent solo exhibitions in London, New York and Los Angeles and his high profile fans and collectors include Michael Fassbender and Sir Paul McCartney. He has been featured in Interview Magazine and Flaunt in the USA and in Dazed, AnOther and Port Magazine in the UK. He is the subject of a new documentary by British director and producer Jack Bond, who has previously spearheaded projects that chronicle George Orwell, Salvador Dalí, Werner Herzog, Roald Dahl, Albert Camus and Charlotte Rampling. Find him on Instagram @chrismoonart

Robi Walters and Chris Moon
Private View 6-9pm, Thursday 15 September 2016
Exhibition runs 16-30 September