29 November - 13 December 2018

Empyrean banner image

Maddox Gallery Los Angeles was proud to present “Empyrean” by Raphael Mazzucco from 29th November – 13th December 2018. A native of Vancouver, Canada, Raphael Mazzucco is one of the world’s most influential and talented fashion photographers and contemporary artists, critically acclaimed for his singular eye and his captivating aesthetic. Empyrean, synonymous with fire and light, was an artistic depiction of the passionate improvisation of the artist’s life and saw Mazzucco respond to the interior architecture of the building – transforming the contemporary white gallery space with his distinctive artistic visual narrative.

Raphael Mazzucco, who is based in New York says: “My intention was to achieve the ultimate emotion and beauty; to elicit pure joy to those who chose to dream. It’s just like the first time I saw my art so beautifully displayed in the window of Maddox Gallery in London. The presentation, the architecture, the flowers, all of it was awe inspiring; it was as if I’d died and gone to heaven, the highest heaven, Empyrean.”

After years spent honing his craft in Italy, France and The Netherlands, Raphael’s arrival in New York City garnered attention from some of fashion’s elite by creating iconic imagery for the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Guess Jeans, L’Oreal, Ralph Lauren and Bergdorf Goodman. His artistic approach captures the human form set against a backdrop of striking landscapes. He incorporates an emotional narrative to each work by application of different layers of paint, collage, and hand-lettered texts, representing the many complex layers of the conscious mind.

The artwork reflects articulation through reinvention and Empyrean sought to take its audience on a journey alongside Mazzucco through terrains both geographic and emotional.

Raphael Mazzucco -Empyrean

Maddox Gallery Los Angeles was proud to present “Empyrean” by Raphael Mazzucco.Empyrean, synonymous with fire and...