Fall Contemporary

13 - 28 November 2018

Fall Contemporary banner image

Maddox Gallery Los Angeles is the latest gallery location in the Maddox Gallery international group of galleries.

Established in 2015, Maddox Gallery is a destination for modern and contemporary art-lovers and collectors. We specialise in modern and contemporary art and have built a reputation for sourcing and exhibiting exclusive, cutting-edge art from internationally-acclaimed and emerging artists. We pride ourselves on providing collectors of all levels with an accessible platform, offering clients a bespoke service of the highest quality.

Our original gallery, from where we take our name, is located on Maddox Street in the heart of Mayfair, London. We also have three more West London-based galleries and one situated in Gstaad, Switerland.

“Fall Contemporary” is our latest exhibition in our new gallery on Beverley Boulevard, featuring works by a variety of great artists including: