Bradley Theodore Print Release, Exclusive to Maddox Gallery, Skull Print symbolises equality, life, death, and renewal
October 29, 2020

Bradley Theodore Print Release

Exclusive to Maddox Gallery, Skull Print symbolises equality, life, death, and renewal

Bradley Theodore Print Release


Maddox Gallery is pleased to present the latest print release from Bradley Theodore, which is the artist's second collaboration with renowned New York print studio Brand X Editions.

Produced in a limited edition of 50 black diamond dust and 50 white diamond dust silkscreen prints, Skull Print (2020) pays homage to the use of this medium, made popular by Andy Warhol in the 1980s. 

Skull Print is a shining example of the artist's unique colour palette and iconic brush stroke. Bradley worked with Brand X to create a collectible edition that embraces the depth and feel of an original painting while also utilising elements that can only be achieved through the delicate silkscreen processes. 


Theodore spoke to Maddox Gallery about the influences, technique and symbolism behind the piece. 

1. Who is your biggest influence and what influenced the skull print? 
I’m largely influenced by Old Masters whose work always revolved around the meaning of what it means to be alive. Equality, life, death, and renewal - these are the things the skull has always represented. 
2. The skull is a reminder of the inevitability of death, Richter, Warhol, Hirst are contemporary artists who believe it is a "consciousness of mortality" that motivates us to achieve, mythologise life and the thing that separates us for other species we share the planet with, care to comment?
 I definitely concur with the idea of the Skull as a symbolic reminder of our existence and mortality. Moreover I think it serves as a perfect reminder to embrace and enjoy life, rather than serving as a symbol of morbidity. 

3. Do you think your paint handling technique and the fragmented line could act as a metaphor for the brokenness of masculinity  or the human condition? 

4. There are elements of “resistance art” in your work and in particular this print - from murals made at the Mexican border wall to public billboards - do the problems of today's society politicise or inform your work? 
 My work has always been influenced by these types of issues, it’s just that now with the world being how it is it’s more apparent than ever. I guess it shows the importance of maintaining your individualism and making your mark on the world.

5. Do you think your work is equally about expression and narrative or do you lean more towards one or the other? 
 When I really think about it, it’s probably equally both.



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