Contemporary Artists to Collect in 2021, From established artists to emerging talent, we look at our 2021 wish list, featuring...
December 22, 2020

Contemporary Artists to Collect in 2021

From established artists to emerging talent, we look at our 2021 wish list, featuring some of the most innovative and creative artists working in contemporary art.


As the year comes to a close, we look to the future, and list the must-have names to add to your art collection in the New Year. From the vibrant genre painting of Nicolas Party to Jerkface’s nostalgia-inducing sculptures, our 2021 wish list has the perfect artist for every type of collector.



This year, Maddox Gallery was honoured to sign Graceland, who graduated in 3D Digital Design and Animation from Hampstead Fine Arts. Known for her bold and playful paintings, Graceland’s colourful canvases tackle philosophical topics with both consideration and humour. Taking subtle influence from the historical religious symbolism of Flemish art, Graceland’s engaging works are full of hidden symbols waiting to be deciphered. From neon skeletons to irresistible femme fatales, her work includes a canon of alluring characters ready to be collected, making her artwork the perfect addition to any art collection in need of reinvigoration in 2021. 


Nicolas Party 

2020 has been an extremely successful year for Nicolas Party. Starting the year with a solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Party was set for an excellent year. However, no one could have predicted the incredible auction success he has experienced in 2020, with sale after sale of his absurdist paintings smashing their high pre-sale estimates. Famed for his surrealist arrangements and psychedelic renderings of every day objects, there is a dreamlike quality to Party’s work that is both curious and compelling in equal measure. His otherworldly works have garnered a core following within the art world and with the artist set to have two big exhibitions next year, we are excited to see how Party’s work develops over 2021. 




This December, Maddox Gallery was thrilled to announce worldwide representation of street artist, Jerkface. The New York based artist creates surrealist fusions of fan-favourite cartoon characters, working in all mediums, from murals to resin sculptures. His nostalgic creations feature a hybrid of characters taken from Disney, the Looney Tunes, Sesame Street and other popular cartoons. Following a history of successful sales at Sotheby’s, Jerkface’s first print release with Maddox Gallery was a complete sell-out, with all pieces sold in under an hour. This serves as testament to the artist’s popularity and set for a London exhibition with Maddox Gallery next year, Jerkface’s captivating works are definitely a must-have for your art collection.




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