Artworks To Brighten Your Collection This Spring , From Klibansky to KAWS, we share the artworks that promise to welcome...
March 3, 2021

Artworks To Brighten Your Collection This Spring

From Klibansky to KAWS, we share the artworks that promise to welcome in the new season with style.


With the sun starting to shine and the end of lockdown in sight, this year Spring represents much more than just a change in season. With the promise of new beginnings and a wave of unheralded positivity to match, it’s the perfect time to acquire an uplifting artwork for your collection and to officially welcome in the new seasonFrom the shining canvases of Damien Hirst to the eye catching photography of Haris Nukem, we share ten artworks that are as vibrant in subject as they are in palette.


Take Me to Paradise by Joseph Klibansky 

Rendered in pale pinks and striking teals, the palette of Klibansky’s silkscreen on canvas perfectly complements its subject matter. Depicting a dystopian dreamscape, the abstract layering of figurative drawings invokes a surreal scene where we have insight into the central figure’s imagination. The canvas is busily populated with Picasso inspired faces, Disney characters and Greco-Roman philosophers, to name just a few. Yet, the bright tones of the canvas ensure that the painting depicts an inspiring dream and not something more sinister. 


 Dopamine by Haris Nukem 

London-based artist, Haris Nukem proves that photography can be a colourful medium with his kaleidoscopic picture, Dopamine. Submerged in a sea of multi-coloured pills, with vibrant make-up to match, a model takes centre stage, gripping a singular capsule between her teeth. Inspired by the universality of the human spirit, Nukem’s work manages to be both psychedelic and hallucinatory, yet remain grounded in its humble exploration of humanity’s essence. Uplifting in colour scheme and sentiment, Dopamine provides the ultimate rush.


Selfie with Political Causes by Grayson Perry 

Multi-award winning artist, Grayson Perry, tackles socio-political issues in his art with colour and candour. Selfie with Political Causes is a typical Perry work, packed with vivid tones, surreal characters and framed with a strong political stance. Although woodcut prints are not Perry’s traditional medium, in Selfie with Political Causes the artist proves that his signature style can translate across mediums seamlessly whilst celebrating the true essence of the art form. 


 The Crown by Bradley Theodore 

No contemporary artist handles pigment as carefully as Bradley Theodore. Creating his own paints to find the richest tones possible, Theodore is internationally recognised for his choice of colour. Painting with rich ultramarines, royal purples and rosy pinks, Theodore’s classic Dia de Muertos style lends itself to his bright paint and bold brushwork.  


You Should Know I Know by KAWS 

An homage to Cubism, pop, and street art, KAWS’ prints bring together some of art’s most colourful movements in a prismatic fusion of genres. Adopting visual imagery from some of his past works including Kawsbob’s mouth and KAWS’ signature cross, You Should Know I Know celebrates the past, present and future of KAWS. 



Sgt. Pepper by Coco Davez 

Coco Davez is critically renowned for her command of colour. Using a limited palette, Davez creates faceless, but recognisable pop renderings of iconic musicians and celebrities. Sgt. Pepper depictthe Beatles in their memorable costumes for their 1967 album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Davez’s surreal use of colour aids the viewer in interpreting the sitters’ identity, as well as adding a swinging sixties twist to the painting.  


 Mickey & Minnie (Large Glitter) by Damien Hirst 

Executed in primary colours with the addition of a deep fuchsia, the simplicity of the shapes in Mickey & Minnie, allow the colours of the artwork to sing. Hirst brings the abstract forms and repeated circles to life through his captivating use of palette which is only enhanced further by the glittering surface of the canvas.  

 Unnatural Frequency by Dan Baldwin 

Created with pure pigment and acrylic on canvas, Unnatural Frequency is dynamic in design and colour. The canvas displays a series of seemingly disconnected images floating on a cerulean background. From an eagle flecked with pink to a falling water dropleteach distinct drawing has a story to tell and the longer the viewer looks at the canvas, the more there is to unpack.   


 Magna Mater Diptych by Graceland 

Unapologetically loud, Graceland uses a blend of acrylic and oil paint to create her richly pigmented scenes. Taking inspiration from the allegorical nature of 16th century Flemish art, each character or object in her work has a story to tell. Paying homage to surrealism and cartoons as well as the Old Masters, Graceland reinvents canvas painting with her bold palette and over-exaggerated shapes.  


Celebrate by Ben Eine 

Stencilled spray-paint on glitter, Ben Eine's work is rendered in his traditional style. Executed in bright reds and intense blues, the bold typography matches the essence of the piece. Uplifting, elevating and inspiring, Celebrate perfectly matches the current shift in season.  



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