6 Artists Every Collector Should Add To Their Collection In 2021, We look at the dynamic contemporary artists that are...
May 19, 2021

6 Artists Every Collector Should Add To Their Collection In 2021

We look at the dynamic contemporary artists that are topping every collector’s wish list this year.


With the art world confidently recovering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 is on track to be a big year for the art world. From dynamic duos to innovative fine art photographers, we look at the contemporary artists that are making waves in the art world and will be defining 2021.


Justin Bower

Set for a solo exhibition in 2021 at Maddox Gallery Los Angeles, Justin Bower’s art wrestles with themes of identity and technology in the modern world. Reconciling the past with the present, Bower’s paintings exist in an atemporal realm where traditional techniques and oil paint are deployed to create artwork that predicts the future. Influenced by the greats of art history like Willem De Kooning and Leonardo Da Vinci, Bower’s technical mastery over his medium is second to none. With an ever-expanding collector base from all around the work, Bower’s dedication to his craft makes him one of the most highly sought-after creatives in the Los Angeles art scene this year.




David Yarrow

Following the release of his latest series of images, demand for David Yarrow’s photographs are at an all-time high. With his most recent body of work showing a concerted move towards story-telling imagery, Yarrow’s newest series perfectly embodies American culture, fusing tales of the Old West with tradition and folklore. Retaining the dynamism and power of his famed wildlife images but also imbuing them with rich stratums of narrative, Yarrow’s shift towards staged works marks an exciting moment in his career.




Miaz Brothers

With their solo exhibition opening tomorrow at our flagship gallery in Mayfair, the art world’s demand for the Miaz Brothers’ mystical works are higher than ever. Creating hazy portraits and still-life renderings of disparate fantasies, the Italian duo’s work blends the past and the contemporary, encouraging viewers to engage their faculties of consciousness and interpretation by completing their out-of-focus images. With their latest body of work pushing boundaries of perception further than ever before, there is no stopping the Italian brothers from continuing to dominate the art world.



The Connor Brothers

Celebrating their 10-year anniversary, The Connor Brothers artwork is as witty as it is striking. Featuring pin-up models accompanied by pithy text, their distinctive prints and paintings are highly sought after by a steadily increasing group of loyal collectors. With a print release that sold out within minutes earlier this year in collaboration with Teenage Cancer Trust, the duo’s experience and exposure on the art scene has only enhanced their esteemed reputation. The nature of their regular medium means that The Connor Brothers’ prints are comparatively affordable as an art object, only driving demand higher. THE CONNOR BROTEHRS, CALL ME ANYTHING BUT ORDINARY 2021




As mysterious as he is gifted, anonymous street artist Jerkface is making waves in contemporary art. Splicing and fragmenting recognisable cartoons, his artwork evokes a strong sense nostalgia, reimagining familiar pop culture images in subversive and humorous ways. With his first highly anticipated UK solo exhibition taking place next month at our flagship gallery in Mayfair, Jerkface’s latest body of work is guaranteed to be his most ingenious yet. Releasing his works in incredibly small limited-editions, demand for the Brooklyn based street artist vastly outweighs his supply.




Joseph Klibansky

Following an unprecedented year of global success in 2020, the art world’s appetite for Joseph Klibansky’s surreal sculptures has firmly continued into 2021 and shows no signs of slowing. From exhibiting in Dubai to collaborating with renowned Mayfair private members club, Annabel’s, Klibansky’s menagerie of bronze animals spent 2020 touring the world and this year looks to be the same. With an ever-expanding avid collector base and exciting plans in the works, any collector considering acquiring sculpture in 2021 should consider the unparalleled works of Klibansky.







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