The Rise of Maddox
January 10, 2020

The Rise of Maddox

For an art gallery to have built up a worldwide reputation in just four years is extraordinary. In that time Maddox have opened galleries in London, and one each in Los Angeles and Gstaad.

When starting a gallery, the simplest and easiest way to become known is to sell works by established artists. Maddox took a different route. 

We’ve become known as a gallery that discovers, nurtures and launches new artists (as well as representing a few famous names). The list of breakthrough artists is long.


Discovering and launching new artists

 From Coco Davez, a hugely talented Spanish multi-disciplinarian, with her sell out show Faceless earlier this year, to the new graduate artist, Sebastian Chaumeton, fresh from Chelsea College of Art, who launched with a show at our Shepherd Market. Through to Haris Nukem, an incredibly exciting young fine art photographer. Maddox is proud to discover and support new talent, giving them a platform to reach the wider art world.


Unknown artist to a global name

Conversely, an artist who has grown with Maddox since the beginning is Bradley Theodore, now a global name. With origins in the street art genre that encompasses New York’s Jean-Michel Basquiat to Bristol’s Banksy, he has created his own very special kind of aesthetic beginning with several startling murals on walls all over NYC.

His most recent work is a compelling and unique amalgam of a classic oil paint style vigorously applied, with the use of haunting skeletal figures, creating an unlikely but unique look. He’s on course to becoming an iconic figure in contemporary art.

Bradley’s list of famous admirers stretches from Bill Clinton, to Whoopi Goldberg to Thierry Henry. Social media has played a vital role in establishing him in the art firmament, Instagram and Twitter being vital tools in breaking new artists and the partnership of Bradley and Maddox have harnessed it well. In fact, Maddox is one of the leading galleries for street artists including KAWS, Keith Haring and Richard Hambleton.


Championing charititable causes

Supporting charitable causes is something that Maddox Gallery is passionate  about. From fundraisers for Teen Cancer America, to donated artworks for charity auctions, through to working alongside David Yarrow, supporting his pioneering wildlife photography and conservation work with Tusk and WildArk and working with Professor Green and The Connor Brothers to raise funds and awareness for men's mental health charity, CALM.


Maddox Art Advisory

If you want to buy but are looking for that dream combination of a beautiful piece of work and a beautiful investment where do you go?

Maddox Art Advisory has helped hundreds of art lovers and investors decide which art investment is right for them. Providing clear, unpretentious art investment advice to our clients to help navigate the sometimes dizzying landscape of the contemporary art market. We have a core team of investment art specialists dedicated to providing art investors and collectors with the tools needed to invest wisely in contemporary art and specialise in identifying emerging artists whose work has the undoubted potential to drastically increase in value.

For example, with the wildlife and landscape photographer David Yarrow (represented by Maddox) our Art Advisory clients have made an average return of 26% on his work since 2015. We will find a perfect balance for that head and heart struggle - a beautiful piece of art you can love but with the reassurance that it’s a sound investment.

So what of the future? Well, we are embracing it. If Maddox art is cutting edge, so is our approach to the business of art. Earlier this year, we used augmented reality (AR) as part of a show Love and Other Crimes.

We’ve come a long way in four years, from Mayfair to LA. Come take a look and join us for the next four.

The Rise of Maddox
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