Women To Watch, Top 10 Emerging Female Artists
February 18, 2020

Women To Watch

Top 10 Emerging Female Artists


The art scene for emerging female artists has never looked so good, with artists redefining the conversation around women in art and the landscape within which they work. Working across a variety of different media and exploring  themes such as identity, domesticity, the female body, consumerism and spirituality, here's a selection of outstanding artists to watch this year.  



1. Sophie Tea

Tea is fast becoming one of London's hottest, most sought after new artists. Disrupting the art industry with Instagram, Tea has previously shunned traditional methods  of selling her art preferring to take control of her own style and development as an artist. Her series 'Nudes' is a vibrant and colourful celebration of the human form, female body diversity and self-love.

Tea has held sell-out solo exhibitions in London and Sydney. In the last few years, Tea has collaborated with a variety of companies including Topshop, Boohoo, Vogue, Skinny Dip and The Gypsy Shrine and her work has been featured everywhere from Forbes and the BBC to Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.

Ensley, 2020

 View artwork by Sophie Tea


 2. Sooyoung Chung

Domestic spaces and everyday objects are central to the work of Sooyoung Chung. Through her exploration of possessions and personal spaces, Chung's work uses objects to portray people and describe their personalities.

Chung was a finalist in the Graduate Art Prize in 2018, and in 2017 the Griffin Art Award, Hix Art Award and Sunny Art Award.


7:48pm, 2019


3. Graceland 

Graceland is best known for her bold use of colour in her vibrant illustrations and paintings which depict the darker side of human consumption. Her work is bold, playful, colourful, and full of hidden symbols and narratives waiting to be deciphered by an eager eye, tackling issues such as the dangers of materialism and consumerism, while also incorporating influences and symbols from art history.


Catharis Cabinet, 2020

View all works by Graceland


4. Lily Kemp

Kemp's paintings explore the representation of women of colour and how they are represented within visual culture and art history. Critical of the hyper sexualisation of the female body in the media and the female nude within art history, Kemp's work offers an alternate gaze to the traditional white cis male-centred gaze.

Since graduating, Kemp has been awarded the Lim Ai Fang Art Prize at the Woon Foundation Painting and Sculpture Prize and has been selected to take part in the 2019/20 Clyde and Co Art Award. Kemp is looking to develop a more collaborative practice, working alongside young women/menswear designers and fine artists

Lights On, 2020


5. Molly Brocklehurst

London-based, Brocklehurst is a figurative painter. Brocklehurst's paintings are strange fictions that blur the boundary between document and fiction and seeks to create new rituals and new possibilities for our collective histories while addressing time, loss and nostalgia.

Brocklehurst has exhibited widely in the UK and Scandinavia and has work included in the Wing's private collection in London. She was named a Saatchi Art Rising Star in 2019. Other recent awards include being selected for the Signature Art Prize and the Refresh Art Award in 2019.

Parade, 2020


6. Coco Dávez

Spanish born Coco Dávez is renowned for her vibrant use of acrylic paint and block colour style. Exploring themes of identity, nostalgia and iconography her 'Faceless' works depict a diverse mix of cultural and historical influencers ranging from celebrities, musicians and artists to film characters and cartoons.

Included in GQ's 'artists to invest in' and the Forbes 2019 '30 under 30' arts and culture, Dávez has found global success having sold out her debut UK solo exhibition 'Faceless' at Maddox Gallery last year. Dávez has collaborated with a coterie of notable brands including Chanel, Dior, Kenzo, Prada, Puma and Samsung.

Twiggy, 2019

View all works by Coco Dávez


7. Emily Ponsonby

An English artist, Ponsonby seeks to capture the natural, the organic and the Nude through her artistic creations on panel, paper and in clay. For the last 8 years, Emily has developed a technique based upon the 'encaustic' process of the Ancient Egyptians, melting honeyed beeswax between layers of oil.

Using inspiration drawn from her time in South Africa, Ponsonby revels in the colours, light and energy of Cape Town. She uses the natural elements of her surroundings in SA to inspire beautifully raw and textured work using rich oranges, ochres, greys, reds and browns.

Delicious Monster, 2019


8. Karimah Hassan

Born in Wales with Yemeni and Bangladeshi heritage, Hassan has an expressive, bold aesthetic and is heralded for 'taking stories full circle, from the canvas to the streets' as an influential street artist. The pivotal aspect of Hassan's practice involves hosting 'community showcase teasers' under the disguise of an exhibition. In a curated line-up, Hassan exhibited her paintings alongside poetry readings, open-mic sessions, live jazz and even football matches. In this way, Hassan combines the artwork, the painting subject, and community members in one space. 

Hassan creates live paintings at performance events across London to highlight the importance of communities in the city. Recent commissions include public murals for Toronto Arts Council, painted commission with Crxss Platfxrms Street Festival and an upcoming collaboration with Nike. 

Moving To True North, 2019


9. Beau Dunn

An American artist from Los Angeles, California, Dunn has been described as a contemporary conceptual mixed media artist, working with mediums of sculpture, neon, photography and painting. Dunn has an instantly recognisable and vibrant colour palette and depicts bold social commentary on societal pressures with an underlying tone of childhood innocence.

Dunn has extensively exhibited throughout the world since 2010 and enjoyed her first solo exhibition in 2017 entitled 'Plastic'; Dunn also won the esteemed Spirit Award in 2019.

Need Money For Love, 2017

 View all works by Beau Dunn


10. Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker is a British multi-disciplinary artist renowned for her work using lights and reflective material. Her works involve neon, infinity mirrors and moving sculptures to explore light, space, energy fields, the after-life and other dimensions. 

Listening to sound frequencies reach a meditative state, she digitally paints auras and energy, incorporating diamond dust, neon and kinetic elements to create celestial artworks.

She has created installations at The V&A, Tate Britain and Tate Modern and her work is held in collections worldwide. Her limited-edition artworks have been sell-out success stories, each one handblown in London to achieve a precise and distinctive look. In 2015, her limited-edition print, 'You Blow My Mind', sold out in just 24 hours.

Universal Frequency, 2017

View all works by Lauren Baker


Works by all these artists are currently featured in the exhibition HerStory - Women in ArtMaddox Gallery Maddox Street. This exhibition reinforces Maddox's commitment to supporting and showcasing emerging artists from across the globe. 



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