The Miaz Brothers Visit Maddox Gallery
April 30, 2020

The Miaz Brothers Visit Maddox Gallery


Earlier in the year, we had the pleasure of welcoming the talented Italian duo, the Miaz Brothers, to our Westbourne Grove gallery to oversee the installation of their works. ⁣⁣

Challenging the traditional genre of portraiture, the Miaz Brothers pride themselves on the surprising nature of their work, encouraging the viewer to use their perception and interpretation when viewing their large scale, out-of focus works. Rendered with layers of aerosol paint, the paintings explore the space between one's perception of the self and that which is intangible.

The artists encourage the observer to interact with the image. "We look to provide a visual experience, that activates our awareness that compels the viewer to recognise and re-establish the limits of his or her own perception, to regain control of the real. The paintings invite us to always be able to take a considerable distance, to see the whole picture." 


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