A Coco Dávez Masterclass, Download, Print & Colour At Home

A Coco Dávez Masterclass

Download, Print & Colour At Home

Renowned for her vibrant use of acrylic paint and block colours, Spanish artist Coco Dávez's striking Faceless works are a smooth blend of rich, contrasting colours, and dark shadows.

Earlier in the year, before lockdown, Coco Dávez ran a series of art workshops in partnership with Maddox Gallery and Love Art Kids Classes, encouraging adults and kids alike to get creative with templates from her Faceless series.

"Faceless brings together the joy of colours and my comic side, it's my creative engine. Some people have an aura around them, a specific colour that expresses who they are."  - Coco


Kids enjoying the Coco Faceless Masterclass before lockdown

We have now made these templates available so that you can download them to print at home. Simply click here or on the link at the bottom of the article to download all 6 templates.

Coco watching over the kids at her Faceless workshop

When thinking about the best way to colour the templates, Lily from Love Art Kids Classes gives the following advice; 

1. Go bold on colour choices, don't ask anyone if 'these colours go'. If you like them together then they go.
2. Use a thinner brush when you get close to the lines, it will make it easier to stay inside them.
3. Choose colours that represent that person or yourself.
4. For older children acrylic paint gives a great, smooth effect that lends itself beautifully to Coco's work. Little ones stick to poster paint as acrylic can stain!

Have a go for yourself by simply clicking on the image below to download a selection of 6 templates of recognisable figures in the art world. Once you're done, we'd love to see your creations so please tag us in your artworks! @maddoxgallery @cocodavez @loveartkidsclasses


Love Art Kids Classes are also running classes via Zoom during lockdown. To find out more, visit their Instagram page @loveartkidsclasses here 


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