Maeve Doyle: My Life in Art
July 23, 2020

Maeve Doyle: My Life in Art


Maeve Doyle, is an internationally renowned art critic and Artistic Director of Maddox Gallery. She is BBC radio's art correspondent and the host of 'A Private View with Maeve Doyle' on Soho Radio's Culture channel.

Maeve studied in Vancouver, Canada and was the owner of London Gallery, Doyle Devere. She was also at the helm of Mayfair's infamous Bankrobber Gallery which was responsible for the sale of Banksy's murals, Slave Labour and Girl with Balloon. Maeve walks us through the five pieces of art that have had the biggest impact on her life and career so far.

Andy Warhol

"As the youngest of four kids with a mother in and out of hospital, the most exciting thing to do was to go into my brother's room and lose myself for hours in his record collection.  This was the 1970's and The Rolling Stones had just released the album Sticky Fingers with it's iconic cover designed by Andy Warhol, featuring a working zipper! 

Andy Warhol, Sticky Fingers, Rolling Stones Album Cover, 1971

Later I discovered the picture was of Warhol Superstar Joe Delasandro who went on to star in some of Andy Warhol's films like TRASH and HEAT.  My lifelong fascination with Warhol started there, at that moment!

Terry O'Neill  

 I noticed David Bowie for the first time during his Thin White Duke phase because of a photograph Terry O'Neill took of the singer with a big barking dog! As a child I was obsessed with animals and found my way to David Bowie’s Diamond Dog after seeing this picture.

Terry O'Neill, David Bowie in 'Diamond Dogs', 1974

The glam aesthetic and expressionist dog started a lifelong fascination with London; this was not a look you saw in Ontario! I loved it! Decades later I had the opportunity to show my nieces the photo at the V&A Exhibition which brought the memories back.

Gerhard Richter

While at the Ontario College of Art I was exposed to Sonic Youth and saw for the first time Gerhard Richter Kerze 1 on the cover of Daydream Nation, 1988. Kim Gordon and Sonic Youth collaborated with Ray Pettibone, Mike Kelley, Marnie Webber and Richard Prince. I've learned that Kim Gordon and culture go hand in hand.

Gerhard Richter, Kerze I, 1988

In 2010 I sold a print of Gerhard Richter's Kerze I from Doyle Devere in Notting Hill and it felt somewhat symbolic, like a manifestation of the Daydream Nation cover.

Jeff Koons 

I worked at the Hayward Gallery when Jeff Koons and La Cicciolina arrived for the opening of his exhibition and made a big impression on me, I'd love more of his work but am happy to have my dog vase.

Jeff Koons, White Terrier Puppy Vase, 1998


Nothing was as big as working with Banksy and Bankrobber in the early days, the crowds of people from all walks of life that Banksy attracted were unheard of in a formerly elitist artworld. It was apparent from the beginning that Banksy was different, part activist and part artist. His artwork, his diverse market and his antics with institutions and auction houses has continued to remind me that the best art is always a little bit outside the norm. I can't chose one work in particular, sorry!

Banksy, Morons, 2006


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