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Maddox Gallery specialises in selling artwork from a select group of blue-chip, established, and emerging artists. Our qualified team can assist in determining and achieving the best price for your work, through effective promotion online and across our  international network of galleries

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How it works

Submit your artwork, STEP 1

Submit your artwork

To sell, submit artwork details and images. Our qualified team will then review and approve verified submissions for consignment. By sending us images and a description of your artwork,  we can provide complimentary estimates for items that can be considered for consignment.
Exhibit for sale, STEP 2

Exhibit for sale


We begin working with our existing clients, the thousands who contact our gallery and visit our website each month, and over 100k followers on Instagram to promote your work for sale. If we have physical consignment the work will be hung in one of our galleries for any clients who visit our London, Los Angeles or Gstaad locations. 

Sold by Maddox, STEP 3

Sold by Maddox


We will keep you updated on any and all offers for your artwork. Once you accept an offer we will arrange payment to you within 14 business days and our logistics team will arrange shipment to the buyer.

Consign artworks by Banksy - Jean-Michel Basquiat - Andy Warhol - Keith Haring - Damien Hirst - David Hockney -...

Consign artworks by

Banksy  -  Jean-Michel Basquiat -  Andy Warhol  -  Keith Haring  -   Damien Hirst  -  David Hockney  -  KAWS  -  Invader  -  Roy Lichtenstein  -  Harland Miller -  STIK  - Yayoi Kusama  -  Yoshitomo Nara  -  Alex Israel  -  Nicolas Party  -  Ugo Rondinone  -  George Condo  -  Takashi Murakami  -  Ed Ruscha  -  Julian Opie.

Consign your art

The top 3 reasons to sell your work with Maddox

No obligation, no pressure, Free to consign

No obligation, no pressure

Free to consign

At Maddox, we want to make it seamless and worthwhile to consign and resell art. By offering a free, no-obligation quote on what your work could be sold for, our team will work with you to ensure you receive the most competitive offers. 


We're industry leaders, Offering expert and specialist advice

We're industry leaders

Offering expert and specialist advice

The Maddox Gallery team are uniquely qualified to offer advice, estimates and place your work for sale.

Our international network, 5 galleries across 3 countries

Our international network

5 galleries across 3 countries

In addition to our flagship gallery in Mayfair, we have galleries across London, Gstaad, and Los Angeles. With an unrivalled network of international collectors, we are confident in finding the right buyer for your artwork and achieving the best sales results. 

Private Sales

Private Sales

While our standard practice is to offer maximum exposure of your artwork across our network, there may be times when you wish to be discreet with selling your property. We offer a private sales service for these requests. Please submit your artwork as usual and request a private sale.

Consign your art


Which artwork or artists do you accept for consignment?
Maddox Gallery is currently accepting work on consignment from the following artists; Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Damien Hirst, David Hockney, KAWS, Invader, Roy Lichtenstein,  Harland Miller, STIK, Yayoi Kusama, Yoshitomo Nara, Alex Israel, Nicolas Party, Ugo Rondinone, George Condo, Takashi Murakami, Ed Ruscha, and Julian Opie.

What information do I need to provide to submit a consignment?
To submit artwork for consignment, we require your first name and last name and email address and phone number so that we can contact you. In order for our advisors to advise you in the best possible way, we also require the following artwork details: the artist and artwork name, provenance, a brief description, COA if applicable, and a high-res image.

Do you accept artworks from artists that are not in the list above?
We are currently only accepting work on consignment from the artists listed above.

How long does it take to receive an estimate?
Once a request has been submitted, our art advisors will usually be in contact within 3 working days with an estimate.

Can I submit multiple items?
You can submit as many artworks for consideration as you wish using the form above.

Do you accept artist submissions?
We do not accept direct artist submissions.

Does Maddox charge for an estimate?
Maddox Gallery does not charge to provide an estimate. It is free to consign artworks. Once sold the gallery takes a commission from the final sales price. 

How long does it take for artwork to sell?
Our goal is to sell work within the 90 day consignment period. Of course, this can be much quicker and sometimes take a little longer.

Is there a charge to consign works with Maddox?
It is free to consign works. Maddox Gallery only takes a commission from the final sales price.

Who covers the shipping costs?
The gallery will pay for shipping costs to any buyer. If we can collect the work with one of our couriers we will do so complimentary. However international clients may be required to cover costs relating to packing and shipping artwork to the gallery. 

What happens if the artwork does not sell?
If an artwork does not sell after the agreed consignment period, this period may be extended or you can choose to keep the work.

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