Optica by Feenys Photos

29 August - 04 October 2019

Optica by Feenys Photos banner image

Maddox Gallery Los Angeles is delighted to announce Optica, an exhibition of photographic works from renowned photographer Neave Borgozi and multi-faceted artist Daniel Allen Cohen. 

Optica stems from a manuscript on the geometry of vision, written in Ancient Greece by the mathematician, Euclid. Optica deals with the properties of light, perspective, and how an object appears in space relative to the eye. 
The work displayed here is an embodiment of Bozorgi’s vision; energized by the vibrations that reverberate through the essence of his subjects. Natural light captures the raw expressive pulse of the subject, illuminating an underlying energy that is felt and seen. Optica is a meditation on light and how adapting an introspective approach can put one in harmony with a cosmic resonance.