The Art of Space: 8 Small Artworks For City Living, We explore 8 show-stopping works of art that are perfect...
April 14, 2021

The Art of Space: 8 Small Artworks For City Living

We explore 8 show-stopping works of art that are perfect for settings with limited space.


It is a common misconception that an artwork must be large, to be impressive. Although monumental sculptures and large-scale canvases can create an impact, sizeable artwork is not always a practical buy, especially if you have limited space. From petite sculptures to street art guaranteed to fit in your home, we explore the awe-inspiring works that are perfect for city living.  


In 2004, anonymous street artist Banksy reimagined the British ten pound note to feature the face of The People’s PrincessWittily named Di-Faced Tenner, Banksy’s satirical print was an instant hit. The size of a real bank note, Banksy’s reimagination of the British currency is an impressive work of art with an even more impressive efficiency for space. Interesting, engaging, and a vestige of a British era now passed; Di-Faced Tenner is an iconic Banksy work fit for any location.  



Although sculpture often requires a larger environment than paintings or prints, the right three-dimensional artwork can enhance a limited space. Impressive but not overwhelming, Elements of Immortality is one such sculpture destined to transform any room, no matter the size. Created in Klibansky’s traditional polished bronze style, the Dutch artist has scaled down his colossal creations, producing smaller works perfect for the home. 




Known for their prints and paintings that pair pithy text with pin-up models, The Connor Brothers’ large-scale artwork is ordinarily a great choice for anywhere with vast walls and high ceilings. Yet, their venture into pocket-sized hand-painted vintage paperback books is an ideal way to acquire the duo’s art for a smaller space. A fraction of the size but retaining the full impact of The Connor Brothers’ signature style, their reimagined paperback books will transform any room without overwhelming the space. 




Created by street artist InvaderAlias Ldn-01 is small mosaic made up of 88 separate ceramic tiles held together with resin. Depicting a pixelated alien creature, the artwork is typical for the street artist and is rendered in his typical mode. With the aim of ‘invading’ the world with his alien creatures, Invader produces similarly themed artwork across the globe. This miniature mosaic is one of many unique pieces that has helped the artist’s tentacular reach. 




Rouge Agent is a limited edition archival pigment print featuring the actual Beretta 92FS Brigadier pistol used by IMF Agent Ethan Hunt; a character played by Tom Cruise in the feature film Mission Impossible II (2000). Contrasted with a powder blue background, Georgopoulos work explores themes of perception, violence and masculinity. With a bold design and a pared back palette, Rouge Agent is a striking work with a small surface area but a big impact. 



A master of words, Mel Bochner’s text-based artwork is a fantastic addition to any room. Known primarily for his large canvases embossed with textured words and phrases, Bochner also creates aquatint etchings on a smaller scale. Featuring witty expressions like I Don’t Get It and Know What I Meanhis etchings are as humorous and impactful as his canvases.


Rendered in fiery bronzes and deep tonal purples, Untitled marks a diversion from RETNA’s traditional medium of oil paint. Internationally renowned for his graffiti works, RETNA’s paintings are often extremely large and vivid. Untitled, a 2017 ink and watercolour on paper, captures the artist’sdistinct style whilst exploring the fluidity of watercolours.


With brushstrokes inspired by street art and the palette of pop, Theodore’s artwork can inject vitality into any space, no matter the size. Executed in his signature
Dia de los Muertos style, Frida in Flowersdepicts the iconic Mexican artist Frida Kahlo surrounded by falling flowers. Theodore’s flat use of vivid colour adds a boldness to the eye-catching piece and although the work is smaller than his usual canvases, Frida in Flowers retains the dynamism and power of the artist’s wider oeuvre.




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