Chris Moon

Chris Moon


Chris Moon

Chris Moon is a painter of prodigious talent. Bypassing his peers in art schools, Chris’ only education in art and rendering was taken from the experiences that shaped him and the images he absorbed. 

He possesses something that many artists work tirelessly to achieve – an innate understanding of colour, shape and form, with an uncanny and effortless ability to render past memories and events in gloriously sharp, yet dreamy, detail. His natural ability would be enough on its own, but Chris is a painter who is wholly and utterly consumed by and for his work.

There was only one thing he was meant to be in life, and that is an artist. A single painting often receives due attention, and completion, countless times. He brings these works to places where other artists would have stopped and passed onto their dealer, only to then take it apart, scrape it back, leave in just one mark and start all over again. What finally emerges, and it is an emergent process, has a multi-layered depth like staring into an ocean – you can see only one surface, but you know that countless other stories lurk beneath.

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