Lefty Out There

Lefty Out There


By creating intuitive, repeated shapes, Lefty Out There achieves the rare feat of working in contradictions. His work is both bold and intricate. Organic but uniform. A simple mark makes up a considerably more complex whole.

Lefty Out There

“I just got progressively more and more obsessed with the lines. I can walk up to something and the first thing my brain tells me to do is a hook squiggle. It’s just natural.”

Lefty’s work was born on Chicago’s walls but has gained recognition by fine art galleries, interior designers, and fashion brands. His signature squiggles and marks are now on the forefront of virtual creativity and have spanned out across Europe, the US and Asia.


“I just got progressively more and more obsessed with the lines. I can walk up to something and the first thing my brain tells me to do is a hook squiggle. It’s just natural.” Following a spontaneous desire, Lefty’s pattern making makes the eye linger and yearn for interpretation – likened to cell structures and organisms, they call for the audience to pay attention to things that they take for granted.

At just twenty-eight, Lefty has been refining his style for over a decade. Without any claims of connotation or secrets, Lefty’s goal is to cover the world in his art; engulfing spaces so that every single surface has been marked. His aesthetic has been adjusted throughout his projects, from working in bold block paints through to fine lines that repeat his signature pattern over and over again.

Since completing his BFA in Audio Production in 2013, he has painted murals at 60 different locations, including at Facebook Headquarters, Nobu Hotel and Restaurant, Google, Lollapalooza, and Chotto Matte. His style has also sparked collaborations with the likes of Chopard, Nike and Samsung.

As one of the newest artists represented by Maddox Gallery, his work has already been exhibited in LA, New York, Miami, Mexico City, and of course at home in Chicago, where he is a strong proponent of both street art and the art scene in general.

Lefty Out There


'Vivus' by Lefty Out There, 15 November 2019
Shepherd Market

'Vivus' by Lefty Out There

15 November 2019
Maddox Gallery was pleased to present “VIVUS” by Lefty Out There, his first solo exhibition in Europe. The highly anticipated debut show opens on 15th November at Maddox Gallery Shepherd Market and will run until 5th December. In his most recent collection, VIVUS, Lefty Out There explores his ongoing thematic obsession with simply being alive. Playing with beauty in simplicity, Lefty&…
Get Out While You Can , 18 July - 31 August 2019

Get Out While You Can

18 July - 31 August 2019
“The public reaction is what supplies meaning and value. Art comes alive in the arguments you have about it.” – Banksy Maddox Gallery is pleased to present Get Out While You Can, a major exhibition of street-art works by some of the most subversive creators of the 21st century. Bringing the distinctive iconography of the streets into the gallery, Get Out While You Can explores …


The Art of Repetition, Pattern and Repetition in Contemporary Art
May 7, 2020

The Art of Repetition

Pattern and Repetition in Contemporary Art
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Maddox Gallery returns to Art Miami
November 29, 2019

Maddox Gallery returns to Art Miami

We are delighted to announce that we returned to Art Miami for our third year, operating booth AM220. We featured works from renowned artists including Harland Miller, Kai, David Yarrow, Lefty Out There, Coco Dávez, Joseph Klibansky, Invader, Haris Nukem, Igor Dobrowolski, Brendan Murphy, Ben Eine and Kaws.
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