5 Reasons Why You Should Be Collecting Emerging Artists, How discovering and supporting artists at the beginning of their career can...
October 8, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Collecting Emerging Artists

How discovering and supporting artists at the beginning of their career can be rewarding in more ways than one!


Recent years have shown a great number of emerging artists quickly rising in popularity, with many art professionals agreeing that their role in the market has drastically changed. At Maddox Gallery we proudly present works by the market’s biggest names as well as championing fresh talent. By giving a platform to emerging artists breaking into the contemporary art world, we provide opportunities for collectors to invest in the next big thing whilst also supporting the artists careers; a rewarding and valuable process for both parties. Here, we share our top 5 reasons you should be adding emerging artists to your collection.


1 Accessibility and affordability

Collecting emerging artists offers obvious benefits in terms of accessibility and affordability. Buy before an artist gets big, and you are much more likely to have reduced competition for their works, and find them at lower price points – that is, until they acquire a significant following. 

Spanish Artist, Coco Dàvez was named as one of the top artists to invest in by British GQ last year following a sold-out solo show at Maddox Gallery. Collectors can add one of Dàvez’ signature Amy Winehouse Faceless prints to their collection for under £600. With over 182,000 Instagram followers and a number of collaborations behind her name including Kiehls, Nespresso and Netflix, she was also named as one of Forbes' 30 under 30 most influential international artists certainly making her one to watch.



The opportunity to follow the evolution of the artist

One of the most appealing aspects of supporting emerging artists is the chance it offers you to closely watch the progression of their career. By investing in emerging artists, you have an opportunity to follow milestones such as their first solo show, first major collaboration and potentially a sizeable result at a major auction house. 

Emerging artist, Lefty Out There has  built a loyal following worldwide, having started out leaving his ‘mark’ anonymously across the streets of his Chicago hometown. Lefty has since decided to step into the limelight and you can now spot his signature squiggles across Europe, the US and Asia. In November, he had his first solo show at Maddox Gallery London and has now painted murals at over 70 different locations, including Facebook Headquarters, Nobu Hotel and Restaurant, Google, Lollapalooza, and Chotto Matte. His style has also sparked collaborations with the likes of Chopard, Nike and Samsung. More recently, he’s been combining his love for music and art, creating murals for the sets of music videos for artists such as Megan the Stallion and Bad Bunny, who collectively boast an Instagram following of over 28 million. For collectors, he is the perfect example of someone to be watching closely as his artistic journey progresses.



The potential financial returns (and personal rewards)

Works by emerging artists have the potential to increase in value and can offer a great financial upside. While it might be tempting to invest in an established artist such as Banksy or Damien Hirst, their historic market growth means that prices for these artists can be considerably higher than those for emerging talent. Risk-takers who bought a Banksy print over 20 years ago for less than $300 may now be reaping the benefits – a prime example of how supporting an artist early in their career can pay off.

American couple Herbert and Dorothy Vogel who lived in a one-bedroom apartment in New York began buying art in the 1960s and their collection quickly became one of the most important private art collections of the 20th century. Like many emerging art collectors, they didn’t have thousands to spend on art, but rather focused on works they loved and that they could carry home on the subway. In 1991, the National Gallery acquired their collection with an estimated value well into the millions including works from some of today’s leading artists such as Roy Lichtenstein, Julian Schnabel, and Jeff Koons.



 4 Helping fulfil the artists potential

Many collectors find pleasure in ‘discovering’ new artists before anyone else does. Perhaps they will uncover the next KAWS! They also know that they are buying art from a living person who is working every day to create the best work they have ever made. Financially, that support can be essential to the artist: when purchasing art by a lesser-known figure, you are directly supporting them so that they can continue to create art.



5 Helping promote change in the art world

Emerging artists of this generation invariably reflect and respond to the mood and spirit of our times. They are in tune with society, culture and movements and the landscape of emerging art is more diverse than ever before. By supporting artists from marginalised groups your collecting can contribute to an art world that is more diverse and conscientious than ever before.






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